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Samples of automatic messages

-On the importance to be at one with your inner self-

"Many look towards others in order to get answers to their questions whilst all replies lie within. We say take time to sit in your own power and to embrace your inner self and your inner voice, which are there to guide you and to protect you. Many try to avoid being alone with themselves as it can at times feel distressing to face oneself.

To this, we reply: please understand that it is only by understanding your own true self that you can gain clarity and eventually reach peace within.

Your inner self knows your deepest desires and the easiest route to reach them.

Why should you deprive yourself from the inner guidance that is available to you at all times?

Please take a moment each day to block the noise from the outside world to go within and to embrace all the goodness and qualities that have been placed in you.

All these qualities will not only serve you but others too, as it is only by being at peace that you can serve others best.

Your loved ones in spirit are there too, waiting to communicate with you. Each of you has the ability to have connection with spirit, so we say use these quiet times with yourself to not only look within but also to invite spirit that are there to support you, guide you, and wrap you in unconditional love.

Whatever your circumstances, it is never too late to turn inwards and embrace your own inner self, the love from spirit, and service to others.

For it is only through service that your soul will grow and evolve."

- The power of forgiveness-

'' Never underestimate the power of forgiveness and its importance in your life. It is only through forgiving others and oneself that we can move into higher vibrations and raise earthly vibrations.
The ability to forgive is something which lies within each of us but it is also a treasure within that needs to be looked for.
Forgiving oneself seems at times the most difficult thing to achieve as we too often blame ourselves for things we supposedly did wrong or things we did not achieve the way we wanted to. But the reality is that at that point in time we did the best we could based on what was available to us. So why blaming ourselves for something we could not have done any differently?
The power of forgiveness will allow you to be your own true self which is your spiritual being of Love and Light.
Please remember that we all are vibrational beings, and that in order to be the true version of ourselves we have to keep our vibrations high not only for our own good, but for everyone and everything around us.

Only the vibrations of Love and Light will help us to move into a new era of peace, joy, prosperity and health for all.
Not forgiving yourself and others for what has been said or done would be just like reading the same page of the book of your life over and over again. Your true story can only unfold if you do this work which will move you into the next chapters of your life.
At times you may feel that forgiveness is not the easiest thing to achieve, 
However, making peace with past events is the only way to embrace your future."  

-The true hero-

"Being of service to others means different things to different people.

This can manifest through a mother serving her children with love and compassion, or in a fire worker rescuing endangered lives.

And there is no sincerity that can be better expressed with one's actions towards others as sincerity of one's heart is to be found in one's actions not in one's words.

From where we stand, we are not impressed by big talks that are seemingly well intentioned but rather by what seems to be small actions speaking volumes about someone's true heart.

Being of service to others is simply being attuned with oneself, as it is only by being true to oneself that one can help others.

Being of service to others will make you find your own true self.

Many are on a quest to exclusively fulfil their own objectives, but by forgetting to serve others in the process we say you forget to serve your own true purpose on this earth plane.

No matter what your contribution is, do it today. You do not need to be publicly recognised as a hero to be a true hero.

The true hero resides in the one who knows their true self and recognise, and support qualities they see in other people.

Be that person today, sometimes it just takes to give a heart-felt smile and to ask someone how they truly feel to become someone's hero.

As long as you shall be on this earth plane , we say develop yourself to the best version of yourself but do not forget to be of service, as it is only then that you can call yourself a human being." 

-Unconditional love-

"All you need to do is to love, always. Love is the key to everything. Nature, plants, Man, all are to be loved unconditionally in the respect and will of the universe, just as it was originally planned. Sufferings are not what we want to see, but love and expansion of one self.

Unconditional love is not based on circumstances around you but it is to be sought within. Your higher self is a being of unconditional love.

The key to happiness is to love one another unconditionally. That is your normal state of being. Anger or envy are not a normal state of things.

Unconditional love shines through once you are in alignment with your higher self. How to be in alignment? Do not resist your path but embrace it, embrace your own unique purpose, that is what alignment is.

There is no need to keep your eyes open to see clearly. Many people see with their eyes while truth is to be sought in one's heart.

Open your heart and be honest with your emotions, that is the only way to access true alignment, love for thyself and others, and to ultimately reach happiness” 

-The notion of 'too late'-

" There is no such thing as saying it is 'too late'. Too late is a concept that Man has invented to give himself a reason not to function at its own divine abilities.

If you would stand where we are now, you would understand that time is infinite, there is no time-boundaries, so the concept of 'too late' should not have a place in your heart.

Some of you think that it is 'too late' to get on that course, or 'too late' to be the person you really want to be. To this we reply: start by doing the things you really want to do, listen to your inner voice, set the example around you.

You want a world of peace and enjoyment? Be that symbol of peace and happiness yourself, and people around you will not only reflect the same energy back to you as a mirror but will also reflect this around them and as a result the vibrations across the world will raise.

There is only one Consciousness and we all depart from this pure energy. If you decide that it is 'too late', then the human consciousness will lose hope and collapse. So, you owe this to yourself and to those around you.

I should have done this, I should have said that... all these phrases are obstacles you put in the way of your own spiritual development.

'Now it is too late', I should have done this before.. there is no such thing.

Your life is infinite but you know life as defined by your physical body. We are telling you this from our spiritual bodies: there is continuity, the phrase 'too late' does not exist. It is an invention that only serves to blame yourselves for not having done or said something you were not ready to do or say anyways. So why thinking of it?"

- Let yourself be inspired-

"Inspiration is to be found everywhere around us.
If you take the time to observe Mother Nature you will feel inspired by its many beauties. Maybe this could prompt you to take that walk you haven't taken in a long time? And as you walk and admire nature, probabilities to connect with your Higher Self, guides and loved ones in Spirit, will increase. This might in turn provide you with inspired actions that will move you towards your goals.
And if you pay attention to people around you, inspiration will also come your way as you might be inspired to emulate good actions you observe in others or to become a better example than the behaviours you see around you.
This is all part of our spiritual development. It is the ability to allow yourself to receive inspiration from Mother Nature, Spirit and others that will help you to discover who you truly are, make the necessary adjustments to experience inner peace, and inspire others to feel the same."

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