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How long should I wait before seeking communication with a passed loved one through a medium?

You should take three factors into consideration. First, if your loved one has just recently passed, they may still be adjusting to their new environment. Second, your passed loved one might not have yet realised that it is possible to communicate or might be in the process of learning how to communicate through a medium. Finally, you. If you have just recently experienced bereavement it is recommended that you give yourself time to grieve before seeking the services of a medium. For all the above reasons, it is advisable to wait anything between 3 and 6 months.

Is there a guarantee that the person in spirit I want to hear from will come through a reading? If not, can you ask them to come through?

The answer is no, there is no guarantee. First, due to the reasons explained in the previous section. Second, and although you wait a certain time it is still not guaranteed that this particular spirit will come through. I cannot ask a particular passed loved one to come through for you. However, I know that the right spirit finds the Medium and not vice versa. In clear, the spirit that will come through will be the right spirit who has to give you a particular message or because you might have certain similarities with them that they want you to be aware of. In all cases, spirit always come through with messages of love, guidance, and upliftment.

Will I be able to recognise the person in spirit who comes through?

Yes, you will. The main purpose of mediumship is to give you evidence to prove to you beyond reasonable doubt who the spirit is. In order to make themselves recognisable, spirit give detailed information such as names, dates and shared memories they have with you. If spirit is a family member from previous generations whom you have never met with, the same will apply. They will give details about themselves that you can check afterwards with your relatives or in the family tree.

Is there anything specific I should do or say during my reading with you?

Please try to relax as much as possible. Remember that spirit come through to let you know they are well, to share memories they have with you, and to provide you with messages of guidance, love and upliftment. You do not have to say anything at the start of the reading as I will connect with spirit who will give me information about you and the reason(s) of your presence. The reading will then proceed and we will be able to look more in-depth at any areas of your life you wish to receive guidance for.

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