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What is Mediumship?

It is important to understand that we all are spiritual beings (also named souls) in a physical body. Plato was already mentioning that the soul is immortal, pre-existing birth and surviving death, in his famous 'Phaedo'. Much later, Descartes argued in his thesis now called the 'mind-body dualism' that the mind and body are distinct and separable entities while interacting with each other. He also clearly identified the mind with consciousness and self-awareness and distinguished this from the brain. Therefore, when death of the body occurs and the physical functions stop, the soul survives. It departs the physical body and transits to what we call the spirit world. This is the energetic survival of humans. Mediumship is the field that enables to bridge the gap between our world and the spirit world, in other words between the living and the deceased.

Why do the spirits of deceased persons want to communicate?

Spirits of deceased persons, or spirit, mainly want to communicate to let their loved ones on the earth plane know that they have transited into the spirit world and that they are well. Spirit also come through during a reading to show their loved ones that they have been present and watching out for them since they have passed on. Therefore, spirit give details on the sitter's (the person having the reading) past and present life as a way of showing that they have always been there, and provide adequate guidance to the sitter.

The Medium

A Medium is a person who is naturally tuned into the spirit world. They can convert what spirit convey to them (as spirit connect with us in a different way than we do on the earth plane) into a clear format just like a radio can convert frequencies into music. Mediums see, hear and feel information coming from the spirit world. Therefore, their role is to share information and messages received from spirit with the sitter. A Medium does not need any tools such as cards or crystal bowl to do his/her work as the Medium uses his/her heightened senses to allow communication with spirit. The terms 'clairvoyant', 'clairaudient', 'clairsentient' are often used to define the way Mediums communicate with spirit, in other words whether they can 'see', 'hear', or 'feel' spirit or all at the same time.

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