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Communication From The Beyond offers in-depth readings to provide insights into your past lives, spirit guides, and energy. Our goal is to help you identify opportunities and challenges in your life and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself. You can also seek answers to any questions you may have in any area of your life.

Mediumistic or Psychic Reading
30 minutes


Connect with the spirit world and receive messages from departed loved ones, or gain insights on love, relationships, career, and spiritual journey through a psychic reading.

Soul Plan Reading
1 hour 15


​Do you have a sense there is something more for you in this life?

Discover the spiritual map of your life and gain clarity on your soul's purpose, challenges, and talents. This session will provide you with a detailed analysis of your soul plan, allowing you to realign with your higher purpose and manifest your unique gifts in this lifetime.

During this session, you will be provided with a detailed document explaining your soul plan as per a spiritual gematria made famous by the bestselling book 'Soul Plan'.


Mediumistic & Psychic Reading
1 hour


Experience a longer reading to gain proof of survival from loved ones in spirit. This session also provides insights into past lives, spirit guides, and more, along with answers to your life questions.

Soul Transformation Therapy
1 hour


Soon to be added

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